Thousands of Tandem freefall and AFF first Skydives are made here every year by Washington DC Skydivers, at the USA Capitol City's premier Tandem and AFF Skydiving Certification Center since 1979. Experience counts and we've been doing over 3,500 tandems every year for the last 10 years in a row. We specialize in Tandem first skydives and complete skydiving certification courses in the Capitol City area. Our jump plane takes 22 skydivers on each plane load, so you can jump with at least a few of your friends on the same plane load when you jump in the Washington DC - Capitol beltway area.
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Our Jump plane cane take 2 - 6 tandem jumpers on each plane load at Washington DC. Tandem Skydive capitol city Skydiving Washington DC USA tandem skydiving




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Skydive Washington DC Skydiving Tandem Skydive over Washington DC year round Recent divorcees- Come celebrate your newfound freedom by making your first tandem skydive jump here at Skydive Orange at 120 MPH from over 2 -1/2 miles up in a high speed freefall adventure. It's time you experienced unchained, unfettered glory epitomized by the unattached free individual -freefall with us!
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Skydiving for big guys too!
We can take up to 280# tandem students.

Every year we make over 18,000 skydives here, and we are growing as our reputation spreads. The folks from DC 101 made Tandem Skydives with us, and they seem to have enjoyed the experience.  District of Columbia skydiving enthusiasts find our skydiving center in Northern Virginia an easy drive from DC.

Most first time Skydivers choose Tandem, but we will teach you to sky dive whether you first sky dive  Tandem, Static line, or AFF.  Many DC area skydivers who take sky diving lessons with us have gone on to make thousands of skydives. Bringing a group to come skydive makes for a great Corporate Washington, DC Team building event.

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Affiliated with the United States Parachute Association - Skydiving Center serving DC skydivers - Skydiving at this location since the 1970's. We are the closest place to DC to make a tandem skydive at a full service, USPA group member Drop Zone. Think of us this Christmas season when you are looking to buy High-Adrenaline Extreme NOVA Christmas gifts for your active outdoor type relatives and friends. Skydiving makes a great Mothers Day gift too. 


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For the recently divorced or widowed man or woman who is now unleashed to get out and enjoy life again no is the time to come out and experience life from over 2 1/2 miles high at 120 MPH!

Having ditched the ball and chain- no more noose around your neck, no one is there to stop you from having fun, so come on and have a ball and skydive- this is the first day of the rest of your life- the one for you to live, go out and have a ball. So schedule your first freefall thrill experience and take it off your bucket list today.

Then take life one day at a time as you progress through the complete 25-jump skydiving certification course.

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